Who We Are

Partnering to build a world with love, we are providing  care for children with a wide range of needs in a diverse range of settings alongside having high ambitions for all children under our care.

 The home will be open for children of all races and will be run by nurturing caregivers who are trained to make every effort to create a homely environment where the children feel safe and cared for.

Children need extra protection and guidance from adults and they also have some special rights of their own. These children’s rights are laid out in the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC). It acknowledges that every child has certain basic rights and lays down four fundamental principles: non-discrimination, participation, right to life and development and the best interests of the child. PCCC will keep in mind the above four principles as the core of childcare development.

What We Do

01. Find & Fund

We are constantly searching for children who need help as well as collect funding to provide the best services we can to our children.

02. Provide Medical Care

We provide healthcare for the children that are in need of medical care.

03. Entertain

We incorporate recreational activities for the children as part of their routine schedule in order to facilitate better mental and physical development.

04. Educate

We emphasise on education in our home so as to ensure the success of the children and to allow them the freedom to follow their dreams.

05. Care

Beyond the basic necessities, we have caring houseparents that develop deep relationships with the children.

06. Consult

In addition to basic healthcare, we also seek to help the mental states of the children. Consultations between children and professionals will take place in order to treat any past trauma issues.

Strategic Partner